Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sleep Baby, Sleep!

Sitting next to Nikola-Ann and softly rubbing her arm reminds me of how nice the human touch is. How soothing and comforting a casual caress of love can be. Softly talking with a smile in my voice, nurturing her as they drift off to slumber land. Hoping no loud noises occur for the next twenty minutes. Once past the twenty minutes of initial sleep she is safely ensconced in the realm of dreams. No longer bothered by her teething, hiccups or sisters that have yet to understand the personal space bubble.
I miss having a parent tuck me in and help me drift off on nights when I really need it.
A night such as tonight would be wonderful!
No husband until next weekend.
Both big girls in bed.
Stupid brain in overdrive.
No way to nullify this loneliness.

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