Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Blues

I have a problem with Valentine's day. I always have had a problem with it. Before the days of forcibly making children create a card for every other student, I was the kid that got three cards; including the one from my parents. Thus my dislike of this holiday. I have tried and tried to not be bitter about it. I simply do not like it!
We have anniversaries designed to celebrate our love for each other. Why do we need a general holiday to validate our love? Just another way to take money from people. Instead of spending hard earned cash on your spouse for flowers, jewelry or chocolates, why not hold hands and just verbally say "I love you and all your quirks! You are my reason for being the person I am today." That is a good way to keep the romance flowing!
I know I wrote a post about my dislike of Valentine's day awhile back. I did not purchase anything for my husband. I was ashamed of how much money they asked for that novel idea of personalized M&M's. Ridiculous! I am far too frugal to pay more than $40 for a tin of candy.
In other words, this is still one of my least favorite holidays.