Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vivian's New Smile

First Lost Tooth
Today my oldest twin, Vivian, lost her first tooth! It has been wiggly for awhile. She was brushing her teeth, prepping for bed, when it came out. There were a few tears from her. There were some from me but I chose to cry into a glass of pinot noir after she was asleep.
This is a big moment in a kid's life! Tomorrow she will go to class and show everyone her new space. My little babies are growing up.
I did not get to enjoy my older children's little accomplishments such as losing teeth. I was a single mom for awhile, always at work when it happened. My daycare provider would inform me of the tooth fall out and I would stop by the post office to pick up some gold Sacajawea coins on my way home from work. After some homework, dinner, bathing and tucking in, we would all go to "sleep". I would creep back in and slip the coins under their pillow. They would always be so proud of their gold coins!
Vivian wants to wait until her Daddy gets home tomorrow night before putting her tooth under her pillow. That way he can see it before the fairy takes it. I am finishing up her tooth pillow. I will post pictures when it is finished. Both Vivian and Devyn are very excited about this tooth fairy thing. This time around I can honestly say that I am, too!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Already Thinking of Valentine's Day

I don't even like Valentine's Day! I just thought that if I actually put a little effort into it this year, my husband would know that I actually DID think about it. That I really DO love and appreciate him.
I am thinking personalized M&M's. Why? Due to the fact that I can do it around the first of February and still have them in plenty of time before the "holiday". Sorry, I don't think it is an actual holiday.
Max is upset every year because our first year together he spent a lot of money and I got him nothing. Every year since he waxes poetic about this. So I will spend money and finally end this facade forever.
Besides, if he doesn't like them the kids can eat them!

Monday, January 16, 2012

What I Think About Pink

I will start off by letting you know that my daughters do like the color pink.
They play house, have a few well worn baby dolls and some Barbies that may be missing more then just their hair. They play dress up with old holiday clothes or leftover Halloween costumes. Occasionally I paint their nails (non-formaldehyde polish) and put make-up on them so they can model while I take pictures and we make a "magazine". I don't make them into tramps! Some lip gloss, mascara and body powder. They enjoy putting lotion on and we do it after their Friday night bath because we dare not offend someone (who doesn't like that barely distinguishable lavender / chamomile smell that helps them sleep) the next day at school. You know, girl stuff!
They also play in the park, in mud, hold bugs, race trucks and make the vroom-vroom sound. They try to stay up late to watch scary movies, but always get caught before we settle down and hit the PLAY button. They wear jeans with holes. They stain their shirts.  They play video games. They destroy carpets by walking around with drinks and food. They pick their noses. They wrestle and fight each other. They play on their bikes. They fart and laugh unabashedly. You know, boy stuff!
They paint, color with pens, crayons, pencils, sculpt with Play-Doh. They enjoy all books. They love "helping" me in the kitchen, not because I encourage having them underfoot in our tiny apartment! They love to snuggle and watch television. They ask too many questions. They love animals. They cry when they get hurt or mad. They don't brush their hair. They think candy is a food group. They would run around completely naked if I let them. You know, kid stuff!
I guess I don't mind my girls having a preference for pink and purple. It really isn't their fault that society is constantly barfing Disney Princess crud all over them. I have never purchased Disney clothing for them but they do have a few hand-me-downs from over the years that sport a Sleeping Beauty or Tinkerbell. They like the Disney stuff all right. It isn't their favorite. They also like HelloKitty!, LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) and Lalaloopsie. I have decided they like these toys because there is not an actual "way" to play with them. There is no story or protocol they need to follow. They just sit and put things together, strike up conversations in curious languages, giggle about the firefly marrying Barbie's puppy and leave little pieces of charming overpriced toys everywhere.
When asked what their favorite color is they usually respond "all of them!".
That makes me feel that I am doing something right!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sleep Baby, Sleep!

Sitting next to Nikola-Ann and softly rubbing her arm reminds me of how nice the human touch is. How soothing and comforting a casual caress of love can be. Softly talking with a smile in my voice, nurturing her as they drift off to slumber land. Hoping no loud noises occur for the next twenty minutes. Once past the twenty minutes of initial sleep she is safely ensconced in the realm of dreams. No longer bothered by her teething, hiccups or sisters that have yet to understand the personal space bubble.
I miss having a parent tuck me in and help me drift off on nights when I really need it.
A night such as tonight would be wonderful!
No husband until next weekend.
Both big girls in bed.
Stupid brain in overdrive.
No way to nullify this loneliness.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby Products That Weren't Around 20 Years Ago

1.  Boppy's
2.  Squeeze Spoons
3.  Disposable Eating Products
4.  Velcro Diaper Closures
5.  Soft Cloth Disposable Diapers
6.  Co-Sleepers
7.  Baby Teether / Feeder Nets
8.  Bouncy Seats
9.  Pack-N-Play
10.Carseat Travel Sets

There are actually a lot of products that weren't around six years ago when the twins were born! None of these products, besides the diapers, are needed but they make life so much simpler! My favorites for the one and under crew: Boppy, co-sleeper, bouncy seat, Pack-N-Play and that super wonderful carseat / base / stroller combo. Nikola-Ann is too young for the squeeze spoon yet but I remember seeing them when I was buying stuff for a baby shower and thinking, "You couldn't create these 5 years ago?"! I absolutely adore the teether / feeder nets and can't wait to start using with ice in them for her teething. The diapers we had to use twenty years ago were plastic and fastened with tape that once you put it down, there it stayed. The carseats were nowhere near as safe as the ones today are and mine certainly did not fit into a stroller. The playpen I had was efficient but nowadays they have a changing table / bassinet / diaper storage. How more efficient can you be? The co-sleeper takes away that "don't roll over on the baby!" worry. The Boppy is the best pillow and once you start using the pillow for breastfeeding you will be amazed. They are so versatile! They also have new and exciting slipcovers you can put on them. Obviously these are not the only things that have evolved in the last twenty years. They just happen to be my favorites!

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Family

I decided that a blog would be the perfect way for me to share the funny, scary, happy, heartwarming, disgusting, stupid, silly, smart, crafty, sneaky, creative and completely wonderful things that happen in my large family.
I have two boys, my oldest son will be twenty in March, my youngest son will be eighteen in July. I also have four girls, my oldest daughter just turned sixteen in December, my twin daughters will be seven in August and my baby will be one come September.
The three older children have a different father. I talk to them all the time on the phone, but they do not live with me because my husband and I moved away chasing work. I get along great with them. I miss those wonderful adults all the time. I am very glad we are so close and am so proud of them in every way!
My other three children are a very big handful! Let me correct myself: the oldest twin is a very big handful, the other two are sweet, seemingly innocent angels. My oldest twin is Vivian and you will most likely be reading a lot about her because she is a very energetic, intelligent, devious yet sensitive girl. At times I wonder where she came from! Don't worry! You will read about her siblings as well!
Anyway, I am exhausted! I have been holding the baby constantly because she is teething. I also gathered stuff at Wal-Mart (where someone asked me if I was a grandmother) to make Vivian a pillow for the tooth fairy.Writing it down I see that one is getting teeth and another is losing teeth! How coincidental!
I must be sleep deprived.