Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby Products That Weren't Around 20 Years Ago

1.  Boppy's
2.  Squeeze Spoons
3.  Disposable Eating Products
4.  Velcro Diaper Closures
5.  Soft Cloth Disposable Diapers
6.  Co-Sleepers
7.  Baby Teether / Feeder Nets
8.  Bouncy Seats
9.  Pack-N-Play
10.Carseat Travel Sets

There are actually a lot of products that weren't around six years ago when the twins were born! None of these products, besides the diapers, are needed but they make life so much simpler! My favorites for the one and under crew: Boppy, co-sleeper, bouncy seat, Pack-N-Play and that super wonderful carseat / base / stroller combo. Nikola-Ann is too young for the squeeze spoon yet but I remember seeing them when I was buying stuff for a baby shower and thinking, "You couldn't create these 5 years ago?"! I absolutely adore the teether / feeder nets and can't wait to start using with ice in them for her teething. The diapers we had to use twenty years ago were plastic and fastened with tape that once you put it down, there it stayed. The carseats were nowhere near as safe as the ones today are and mine certainly did not fit into a stroller. The playpen I had was efficient but nowadays they have a changing table / bassinet / diaper storage. How more efficient can you be? The co-sleeper takes away that "don't roll over on the baby!" worry. The Boppy is the best pillow and once you start using the pillow for breastfeeding you will be amazed. They are so versatile! They also have new and exciting slipcovers you can put on them. Obviously these are not the only things that have evolved in the last twenty years. They just happen to be my favorites!

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