Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rachel's Rant - School Drop-Off Zone

The drop off area at your kid's school is just that, a DROP OFF area!

It is not a read then sign the homework you forgot to sign on the way out the door.
The middle lane, blocking others is not a place to wait for your child to come to your car after school.
All lanes are not really designed to hold impromptu morning "Hey! How are you doing?" meetings.
There is the whole safety issue of dropping your spawn off in the middle lane and having them sprint across the other distracted parents pathways.
Above all, it is not a place to put your vehicle in park to flipping text or blab on the phone!

That is right, lady! You, with your long fake nails and 1980's hairstyle can wait the paltry five minutes it will take to drive back to your residence then type LOL on someone's status. You, with your princess attitude and oversized vehicle audibly sucking gas as you tappa-tappa on your phone. You, whom we all know text and talk WHILE you're driving anyway, you're that sort of human. You, blocking the drop off area of John Reed Elementary this morning and looking at me confused when I glared at you as I passed. Why was I perturbed with you?

We have a whole different parking lot for the people who like to hang in their car and talk amongst themselves. A whole different parking lot other than the drop zone. A place for people to lollygag in their car and not really bother other people. If you get to that parking lot too late you know you're going to be there for the long haul. That is a chance you take and people are alright with that issue for the most part. One time I was walking by a car blocking other honking cars, pushing the stroller and holding Devyn's hand, I asked the lady why she didn't just pull forward and park. She told me she had other children in her car. I glanced at my situation and decided to not drop my kids off in that parking lot any more.

I daresay that all schools are not this bad. I wish! I remember what a nightmare it was dropping the twins off at Bay View Elementary school last year. At least the groundskeeper would attempt to direct the people in their cars. Here, at John Reed there are no directors of traffic, it is a cluster of impatient people driving giant death robots.

It just goes to show what most people do when they think no one is looking.

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