Monday, March 12, 2012

Rachel's Rant - Rascals

This will make people angry. 

Driving a rascal and being too fat to walk does not mean you are disabled! Unless you want to believe that not being ABLE to say no to that doughnut is a disability!
I don't believe you should be entitled to a parking space reserved for people in wheelchairs or with true disabilities. I don't believe you should have helper animals to get that doughnut for you, either.
I AM trying to make a point.
I AM disgusted with the amount of blue wheelchair symbols that overflow at the local grocery stores and restaurants. People sitting in their idling car while they wait for the person in the spot they want to load their rascal into their vehicle. People with "disabilities" perfectly able of getting out of their car to yell at another person that parked in the spot they were waiting for.
Have we become a society similar to the one in WALL-E? An anamorphic bunch of vidiots* told what to be and served what they want while we float around on little robots that have become our "helpers" and forgetting how to walk. I believe we are not too far away!
 *Never leaving the sanctity of the computer screen

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